All You Need To Know About Body Wraps

Body wraps can help to tone, slim, clean, detox and relax your body. With so many advantages, it is bound to be very popular not just among celebrities but also with ordinary people. A body wrap treatment can be done at a spa or home with ice packs which freeze fat rather quickly. Along with this to get that body back to shape eating right is also essential, to know more refer
Many people would not have enjoyed a spa or experience a body wrap if you are one among those and you look forward to knowing what happens in a spa read below.

Body wrap- What is it?
It is also known as a body mask. It is a treatment mostly done in a spa to improve and enhance the health of your skin, tone and slim down your body. That body mask is a combination of oil which has the property to nourish the skin or a formula which is rich in minerals and antioxidants. That formula is in the form of a paste or an oil and is applied to specific areas or the body like the limbs or other parts of the body and wrapped in cotton or Mylar bandages. The effect of this treatment on the body is that it removes the dirt, grime and other toxins from the skin making you feel fresh.

Types of wraps
The below list is some of the favorite wraps that spas offer:
Cellulite: This treatment is designed to remove toxins from the body and improve circulation of blood. It is applied on the tummy, thighs and the bum areas.
Bust Wrap: This offers to soften and firming of the breasts and is specially provided for women who are looking to tone after breastfeeding.
Mud wrap: Clay or mud is applied to the skin, and this helps it to cleanse and detoxify it. It eases the water retained in the skin and cleans the pores and removes the dirt. It is also beneficial for people with rheumatism and arthritis.
Herbal wrap: Essential oils and herbs along with spices are used in wraps to give a treatment.
Frigo-Thalo: This is a cold treatment which is used to control the water content in areas of hip and thighs. This treatment brings a lot of pain relief to legs as it improves the blood circulation.
Seaweed: Warm seaweed is spread over your body before covering you up a warm layer. This paste is a combination of seawater and seaweed which is smelly.

Benefits of body wrap:
As these wraps are a combination of various herbs, mineral-rich oils, and creams it acts as an excellent remedy to your skin while the warm film which is wrapped after applying paste gives great relaxation to the muscles while cleaning the pores. Depending on the wrap you choose to get treated with you can lose a few inches, though this is temporary. The skin is hydrated soft, firm and detoxified and muscles are relaxed. Though wraps do not help in permanent weight loss, it can help you motivate to follow a balanced diet and exercise. It is beneficial in relieving and relaxing of the muscles and joints. These are the many benefits of using wraps to loosen fat.