Effects Of Cold Weather On Your Teeth

You may wonder that teeth may withstand extreme climate as they are porous and sensitive in nature. But prolonged exposure to cold weather can cause certain irritation for your teeth. Your teeth cannot withstand extreme cold climate as they have got used to the normal weather. Your teeth may experience pain or irritation under severe climatic conditions. You can visit the website www.swartwooddental.com/syracuse-new-york-tooth-sensitivity-from-cold/ to know more about the effects of cold climate on your teeth. There are various reasons on why cold weather affects your teeth. dentalhealthservices.com offers advice from expert dentists on how to combat the cold weather and protect your teeth.
The article helps to know about the effects caused by your teeth during exposure to a cold climate. It also talks about ways to avoid these effects.

What Actually Happens?
The actual problem begins when you start to breathe in cold air through your mouth. This results in contraction of your teeth, and the gum line gets exposed to the cold air. The various sensitive areas around the gum line get affected by this cold air. The moment you are in normal climatic conditions the teeth starts to expand. Hairline cracks can occur in your teeth due to the contraction and expansion of your teeth under cold climatic conditions. These hairline cracks are mostly unnoticed or felt by people.
You may also try to clench your jaws under a freezing condition which can cause teeth erosion and also results in tooth pain.
The recession of gums can be the cause for exposure of roots. The exposed roots are more sensitive to cold air. This may cause pain in the teeth.

How To Avoid It?
It is better to prevent your teeth from the cold climatic conditions. You can do so by following certain precautionary measures. Try to breathe in through your nose when you’re under cold climatic conditions and avoid breathing using your mouth. When the cold air gets into contact with your teeth, it causes serious problems. So better prevent cold air from entering your mouth. To get rid of the pain caused due to cold air, you need to close your mouth with your lips and circulate saliva within the mouth. This will help to reduce the pain.
If you could experience any continuous problems on your teeth due to exposure to cold air, then there are some serious problems underlying. This may include the fillings that may not fit into your teeth due to contraction of teeth, eroded crowns and bridges, gum recession, cavities, infected gums and teeth, bite issues and tooth clenching.
You need to follow a proper oral hygiene to combat the effects caused by cold climate. You also need to make sure that you visit your dentist regularly when you visit cold places often. There are several insurance companies which offer you semi-annual dental visit coverage so you can very well visit your dentist for every six months. You can also brush your teeth with toothpaste which has sensitivity options. These over counter toothpaste brands can help you to combat tooth sensitivity on regular usage for few weeks.
The above are the ill effects caused by cold climate on your teeth.